Thursday, March 29th 2018.

Trip to Bromo Information gives you some information about the way to have trip in Mt Bromo East Java Indonesia. Many options of route to reach Mt Bromo Trip, you might reach Bromo from Malang City Train Station if your arrival at Malang City. Here you will drive on the car to Bromo Hotel for about 4 hours. Then, you can visit Mt Bromo from Ketapang Harbor or from Bali Island if your arrival from Bali Island. Here you drive the private car for about 8 hours driving normally. And you also can visit and enjoy Mt Bromo Trip from Surabaya Airport if your arrival by air plane. Here is the shortest way and easy way to reach Mt Bromo Hotel. It will take a time for about 4 hours and the route to Bromo hotel is better than from Malang City Train Station.

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